Off-Topic: Nerves, College Admissions, and More Nerves

Tiffany White,

Being a resident of Pittsburgh and all the companies here that hire tech talent (not to mention the startups coming in and the influx of tech companies expanding to the area) means there are opportunities to get a dev job and plenty of those opportunities. Unfortunately, majority of those hiring require a degree, from a university and not a community college.

I have been an applicant at Pitt for 6 years– I was young and hearty then. Things just kept getting in the way– high school red tape, inept high scholl district, not meeting the credit requirements, having to move before I wanted to come to Pittsburgh to apply, not having the funds to move to Pittsburgh and being on a year lease, finally moving but needing more coursework, failing, and then finally getting everything together I reapplied. I will receive my decision tomorrow by phone. The University of Pittsburgh is where I want to be, main campus, not some campus in bumbledump around the main campus. I don’t know if I’ve done enough. I am a bundle of nerves. I have been let down so many times these last six years that I honestly don’t have a positive outlook– one more year at CCAC is what I think will happen, then reapplying. I can’t get my hopes up. Been crushed for six years. I hope when the admissions officer calls that has gone to bat for me for these last six years, I am strong enough to handle what she says. So I go into this with skepticism and a night filled with sleeping pills.

College admissions-- a game that must be played.

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