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Review: YDKJS Scopes & Closures

YDKJS Scopes & Closures is a must read...with caveats.Read More →

What Are Components and Props?

Components and props are the lifeblood of a React app. What are they and how do they work?Read More →

VS Code Setup: An Update

Use Cases for the Spread Operator

UX Testing Results for The Lens Cap Mock E-Commerce Site

Twitch, YouTube, Egghead, and Zoom: My New Projects and Setup

Three Ways to Pass Props to Components Outside of Parent/Child Relationships

Things I Am Cooking Up

Update: Lots of Things Happening

I thought I’d post a short update about why I haven’t been blogging as much.Read More →

Working With Chrome DevTools

The Beautiful Mess That is Webflow

Sometimes low code is low value.Read More →

Tech Ladies and The Job Search

Understanding Hoisting in JavaScript


Some Music I'm Vibing To This Spring

The Simplicity of Ruby

When I first started this blog, I was learning Ruby and I loved it.Read More →

The Web Developer Bootcamp

So I am still working on Check Yo Self, but, like I do, I jumped into another tutorial where you build stuff.Read More →

Two Years of Code Newbie in Pittsburgh

Showing Up Everyday and Other Things

Setting Up a New Mac with a Shell Script

Scope for Beginners

UX Testing Results for The Lens Cap Mock E-Commerce Site

Recruiting News

Recognizing Patterns

Realizations & Breakthroughs

What Is React Reconciliation?

In order for React to be as fast as it is, it only needs to update the parts of the DOM that need it.Read More →

The Danger of Type Coercion in JavaScript

The Execution Stack and Scope

Working With Arrays, Part 1

Working With Arrays Part 2

From Web Development to Software Engineering

Working on the Free Code Camp Weather App

Random Quote Generator Finale

Resolved to Be Better

Random Quote Generator Woes

Thinking Like a Programmer

Review: Object-Oriented JavaScript

Restructured Learning: Trying Harder

Using Trello to Track Learning

Review: Deep Work by Cal Newport

Review: Keynote, Professional Presentations and Animations

Review: The Master Algorithm

Review: The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive

Review: Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution – 25th Anniversary Edition

Resuming Lessons at Free Code Camp

Thrown Into the Fire, or, The Blank IDE in CS 0401

Rainbow Explosion Hangman App

Upping My Game with Books On Algorithms

Regaining My Footing as a Java Student

Should You Be Copying That Code?

Starting the University of Pittsburgh

Treehouse is Some Kind of Special

Yeoman and JavaScript, etc

Kanban and My Love of Trello for Project Management

Responsive Grid System

Sketch Mockup to…Code?

Q1 Goals Update: Some Meh, Mostly Good

Prioritizing Tasks by Slowing Down

When life is whizzing by, take a minute to breathe.Read More →

Open Source and the Role of a Good README

New Opportunities

Sometimes, you just get lucky. Again.Read More →

Music Friday's Playlist: Dirty, Grungy, Sweaty Rock

Markdown Examples

View examples of all possible Markdown options.Read More →

Next.js Pages

Learn more about Next.js pages.Read More →

MVPs and Iterating Your Way to a Finished Product

Getting a project out the door is the most important thing you can do.Read More →

My iTerm2 Setup

This is another setup post but this time, it's iTerm2.Read More →

My VSCode Setup

Posts on editor setups are extremely popular. Here is mine.Read More →

Making The Tedious Easy With MDL Templates

Keeping Your Code Simple

Clever one-liners are all the rage but do we really need them to display how well we can code?Read More →

The Last of the Journey

This post will the last of its kind.Read More →

JavaScript Template Literals

In JavaScript, there wasn’t anything like string interpolation until ES6. Now, we have JavaScript Template Literals or Template Strings.Read More →

I Am Now Doing This Thing For Real

I have accepted an offer to join The Practical Dev as an apprentice software developer.Read More →

Productivity for Devs

While perusing The Practical Dev for new posts, I came across a post that intrigued me: Instant +100% command line productivity boost. Productivity for devs is something I’ve been meaning to write about. Now I have the impetus to do so.Read More →

Open Source Goals and the Year in Review

Map: Another Higher Order Function

Map is another higher order function that goes through an array and doesn’t discard it but instead transforms/mutates it. Here, I’d like to get an array of all the names of the animals.Read More →

Mission DRY: Accomplished

When working with multiple levels of conditionals, it helps to DRY things up a bit: not repeating yourself can give performance gains as well as make your code more readable and elegant.Read More →

Goal, Completed

Flexing My CSS Muscles by Adding A Bit of Panache

A case study on a trial by fire primer on CSS.Read More →

First Week Feels

CSS Will Never Go Out of Style

Creating an Nes Games App With Supabase and Next.js

End of Year Wrap-up and 2019 Goals

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.Read More →

Destructuring Objects in ES6

Destructuring is a way to extract values from nested arrays and objects. Read More →

First Feature and Pull Request

I created my first PR. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to make a PR on a project I believed in. I got that chance and it went well. Read More →

Finishing YelpCamp and Lessons Learned

So I have finished The Web Developer Bootcamp and the final project, YelpCamp, a full-stack Yelp clone built with Node, Express, Mongo, Mongoose, Passport.js, and Bootstrap.Read More →

My First Interview: A Love Story

Okay, so not really a love story, but a good one nevertheless.Read More →

ES6 Modules

ES6 modules allows us to have reusable code, in separate files. We do this to eliminate initially massive js files, like app.js in a Node and Express project. Modules allow us to spread code over relevant files.Read More →

Functional Programming in JavaScript? Yes Please.

One of the hot topics right now in the web development world is functional programming in the language of the web, JavaScript.Read More →

DRY Code: Using IIFEs to Clean Up Code

DRY: Don’t Repeat YourselfRead More →

CSS Animations, Part 1

Exploring Algorithms

Event Handlers in Check Yo Self

CRUD: My New App, Check Yo Self

On My First 100% on a Java Program

First Day of the Spring Semester 2017

CSS Animations, Part 2

Working on the E-commerce Site for Class

First Week of Class, Pitt 2016

ES6 and Lambdas

FCC Random Quote Generator

Digging Into OOP JavaScript

Expanding and Diving Into Small Apps

Creating Collections in Jekyll from Scratch

Course Duck for Learning JavaScript

CodePen for Quick and Dirty Prototypes for Learning CSS

Burnout, Health, and Starting Over

Building a JavaScript CLI Tool

Building your first command line tool can be daunting. Here are some tips I discovered while building mine.Read More →

Check Yo Self Update: Eliminating Dev Dependencies

I worked like a fiend over the weekend on Check Yo Self, reading documentation, implementing features, and taking sone away.Read More →

Bugfix: Spelunking in Someone Else's Code

Blog Posts on My Career and Work at Calaxy

With this new job comes a great team.Read More →

Background Image Hacks in CSS

Yesterday I found myself in a situation where the background image in my freeCodeCamp Weather App on mobile was cut off at the bottom. Needed some background image hacks in css to fix it. Read More →

Array Methods in JavaScript

Another Point of Vue, A React Dev Perspective

A Year of Reflection and a Year to Move Forward

Sometimes it's just easier to know thyself.Read More →

A Simple Terminal Website with CSS and Typewriter.js

A LinkedIn Learning Playlist for Corporate Newcomers

If you’re over 30 and have just made your way up from some place like Target as a cashier to having a nice, cushy dev job in a corporationRead More →

Big O Notation

What is meant by Big O and do we actually need to consider it when building software?Read More →

How to Bind this in React Without a Constructor

this in React is a reference to the current component. Read More →

Breaking Things

Function vs. Block Level Scoping with let and const

Algorithm Solutions

Avoid JavaScript Fatigue: Make a Learning Map


College vs Self-Learning

5 Things I Learned About Myself This Semester

Bonfire Tears (Free Code Camp Edition)

Back and Forth I Go– All the Pretty Languages!

Making Good Habits, or Coding Regularly

Off-Topic: Nerves, College Admissions, and More Nerves

Argument Variables and ValueErrors in Python

Alice First Look


2019: A Year in Review

2019: A Year in Review

A LinkedIn Learning Playlist for Corporate Newcomers

A Simple Terminal Website with CSS and Typewriter.js

VS Code Setup: An Update

Course Duck for Learning JavaScript

Recognizing Patterns


First Week Feels

Goal, Completed

Showing Up Everyday and Other Things

Burnout, Health, and Starting Over

Q1 Goals Update: Some Meh, Mostly Good

Twitch, YouTube, Egghead, and Zoom: My New Projects and Setup

Music Friday's Playlist: Dirty, Grungy, Sweaty Rock

Some Music I'm Vibing To This Spring

Three Ways to Pass Props to Components Outside of Parent/Child Relationships

Open Source and the Role of a Good README

Realizations & Breakthroughs

Setting Up a New Mac with a Shell Script

Bugfix: Spelunking in Someone Else's Code

End of Year Wrap-up and 2019 Goals

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.Read More →

2017 Wrap-up and 2018 Goals

Wrapping up a year is never one wants to do. At least I don't.Read More →

Gauging My Progress

JavaScript Resources for Learning

JavaScript vs Java Pass by Value and Reference

Let and Const for Block Scope

Objects and JSON

Primitive Data Types in Java

Open Source and GitHub Stars

Hacking on a Project: Getting Out of the Tutorial Loop

Concise, Modular JavaScript

OSS and Back to Basics

Hacking with Java Algorithms

100 Days of Code, Day 12

Another 100 days of code entryRead More →

Back into the Java Virtual Machine

100 Days of Code, Day 11

100 Days of Code, Day 10: 30 October 2016

100 Days of Code Day 9

100 Days of Code Day 8

Another round of 100DaysOfCodeRead More →

100 Days of Code Day 5

100 Days of Code Days 3 and 4

100 Days of Code Log, Day 2

Plan for Success

Leveling Up as a Programmer

Knowing Your Limits

Completing Algorithms

Contacts App Update

Back to Pitt

Finishing OOP JavaScript at Treehouse

Crawling Before You Walk

Hey Everybody! Let’s Shit on JS!

Free Code Camp Portfolio: Unlocked

FCC Front-End Programming Project

New Years Goals Follow-up

Completed The First Front-End Project

Front-End Programming Project on Free Code Camp

Fear and Loathing and Anxiety in Pittsburgh

Preparing for Free Code Camp Bonfires

Confidence Through Self-Talk

New Semester Excitement

New Years To-dos: Every Day is a New Day

First Semester at Pitt. Not What I Wanted to End Up With.

Thoughts on My First Computer Science Class and Great News

Iterating Over an Array in Java and JavaScript

Free Code Camp Bonfires

New Routine or Do You Have the Hustle?

Getting Better at Being Productive with a Script from Marco Arment

Day 10: AJAX

Day 9: Finishing Intermediate JavaScript on Treehouse Plus: New Contributor

NaNoWriMo? How About NaCoWriMo?

First Java Challenge and Getting to Know Variable Scope

Fifth Week of Class and Makin’ Text Files

First Java Program and My Side Project

Moving Right Along in CS 0007, Intro to Programming in Java

Outdated Java Tech at Uni

First Week of Pitt, Learning Java, and My New Podcast Site

Day 7: Drawing App

Day 8: HTML Tables and The DOM

Day 6: Password Forms & Tooltips

Day 5: Mobile Dropdown Menu

Day 4: Lightbox

Day 2: Rehashing jQuery Basics

Day 3: Event Handlers and Animations

Day 1: Java with Multiple Strings, Formatters, and Conditionals

New Post Idea: Daily, Bi-Daily Updates

FCC to Treehouse

I Was Running on Heroku with my Woes

In a Rut

Moving on Up While Feeling Stupid

I Need to Do Better

Practice? We talkin about practice?Read More →

JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript

Killing This Code LIKE A BOSS

Free Code Camp ROCKS

I Am Now a Pitt Panther

Podcast! MCJep3

Opening Files in Python

Going through Python and Ruby with Zed Shaw

Finding ONE (Well, TWO) Tutorial Sites and Sticking to Them

Pitt and Computer Science

First Episode Is Live!

@%$(*&^%$@! .gitmodules

CSS and Stack Overflow

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