CSS and Stack Overflow

Tiffany White,


My friend Piper put me on the correct path for my footer with the following code:

But that left me with some janky (my new favorite word, apparently) formatting that I could not get rid of by myself. Stack Overflow to the rescue!

So. I got four answers and tried three before I tried this:

And boom. Fixed…but not quite.

There was an issue with the Font Awesome icons that I still can’t get right– the dribble icon was floating right of the footer. I decided to put the icons in a div id container and style it. That has worked– the icons are all at the bottom but no matter what I do, I can’t get them to float left.

Here is the HTML:

And the CSS:

Sigh. It is almost 2 am in Pittsburgh and I have been messing with this for the past two days. It isn’t where I want it, regardless of the hinky CSS. I need JavaScript and JQuery to make it not just a static page. Maybe some CSS animations. Don’t know. Yesterday I thought, “this will be up in running in three months, tops, regardless of if I’m ready to freelance”. Today I’m back down to earth.

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