First Week of Pitt, Learning Java, and My New Podcast Site

Tiffany White,

My first week of University was stinking hot. Seriously, a sweat soaked TA came to teach us absolutely nothing because it was our first day. She does our recitation.

We didn’t get into too much Java last week– it was just setting up our environment and learning about programming and the computer in general.

Seeing that I’ve been programming for a year plus it is slow going for me right now. I’m probably not in the right class but I needed to take it for the other half of my math credit coming over from CCAC. College algebra at Pitt is only 1.5 credits and the CS 0007 class fulfills the other 1.5. So I’ll stick with it.

Here is one of the first programs we wrote, actually today:

Quite simple, really. Looking forward to our first project. We have smaller activities we must do to build up to the whole.

On another note, I will no longer be posting podcasts here. I have a new site you can find here at This Developer’s Journey.

More updates coming.

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