Pitt and Computer Science

Tiffany White,

So, for a roundabout update, I got my Commonwealth Diploma, for 30 college credits completed. The reason I needed this diploma and couldn’t use my high school diploma for admission to Pitt? Well, the fact I left my high school in Harrisburg to attend a sort of school for behavioral misfits was a problem because Harrisburg High School didn’t put the date on my transcripts of my graduation. And when I called they had no record of me graduating. So essentially the problem was no one knew who the hell I was and so I needed to get the diploma to even stand a chance of getting into Pitt. I have my physical high school diploma but it was just too much bureacracy hassle for Pitt and all involved.

So I got that lovely dipolma and have emailed all the right people for my journey into a university. I emailed Dr. John Ramirez of the Comp Sci department and it looks like it isn’t going to be a bad go of things. Just opening up my thinking to theory and knowing how to apply it to real-world coding situations. I am not keen on learning theory. I just want to build. But I know the limitations in Pittsburgh for coporations that hire developers, and the BS in computer science barrier to entry. Anyway, I am going and even though I say I wouldn’t go this route if I didn’t have to I probably would anyway as getting a degree, though not important, is important to me.

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