Music Friday's Playlist: Dirty, Grungy, Sweaty Rock

If you were a teenager in the mid-nineties, I don't need to remind you of the amount of pessimism that occurred during that era; from Kurt Cobain1 going on rambling improvs like Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flows Through the Strip on the Nevermind B-side, to Chris Cornell2 crooning in Black Hole Sun on Superunknown, you know the air was dank and filled with sorrow.

So this playlist isn't different than most of the songs from that era; there's some Beck pre The Information in here, Sonic Youth, Hole, and 7 Year Bitch3.

It's loud and grungy and I thoroughly enjoy cleaning and lifting to it.


  1. RIP guy. You were one of the good ones.

  2. RIP also. First celebrity crush that wasn't really a celebrity in the grander sense of the word. His shirtless running around in the Outshined video really set my teenage hormones ablaze. Still, miss him a lot. His suicide hit really hard.

  3. RIP Mia. She was slain in Seattle in '95 and they have no clue who did it. She was the vocalist for 7 Year Bitch. Damn what an awful slate of deaths for this scene.

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