Q1 Goals Update: Some Meh, Mostly Good

I started out the year in bad shape. By February it was on: coding almost daily, diving into projects, making good on doctor's appointments1.

I was reading book after book, learning something new, diving into Slack and Telegram channels. But then.


The way I structured my goals for this year were horribly misguided. There is only so much your body can do, only so much your brain can work on before you burn out and that I did.

Quantitative assessment

Let's start out with reviewing what I wanted to do2.

Tiffany R. White Blog Goals (opens in a new tab)

  1. I didn't get gainful employment
  2. I didn't interview with two companies a month
  3. I have increased my Twitter network quite a bit since making these goals
  4. Still working on the Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript course by Colt Steele
  5. Will apply to big company soon enough
  6. Got better at GraphQL3
  7. I am starting a Typescript course4
  8. I have learned some concepts and have written about them, just not as often as I would have liked.
  9. Finished the egghead promo and can now make lessons but I don't know what they will be yet. So no, I haven't made any lessons
  10. No I haven't done much open source contributing
  11. I have a couple open source projects in the works

Too much, too soon

I still have a lot of time to get some of this done; these were yearly goals. But as far as Q1 goes it has been a moderate success.


  1. Once you reach a certain age, this is a good thing to do.

  2. The screenshot below is clickable and will take you to that post.

  3. This is thanks to Gatsby and struggling to add search to this very blog. Still a looooong way to go though.

  4. Seriously outdated but I haven't found one that I like that introduces the basics thoroughly besides this one.

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