CodePen for Quick and Dirty Prototypes for Learning CSS

You can do a lot on CodePen.

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{% notice info %} I am going to be doing some blogging about my projects and what I am learning along the way. I said back in 2018 that I was switching things up, but as someone searching for a job, I feel like all types of content should go here. {% endnotice %}

I have been brushing up on my CSS lately1 and what I've discovered is that CodePen is the perfect place to prototype different concepts.

It's quick and dirty, no real complicated setup needed. Just jump in, create a div with some class and start firing some CSS in the CSS section. It live updates so you can see your changes almost immediately.

Check out my Penssss

Testing layouts with grid


  1. I am using Wes Bos's CSS (opens in a new tab) courses (opens in a new tab) to do this.

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