Making The Tedious Easy With MDL Templates

Wanting to just get the app up and running 1 , I sat down yesterday and paged through some of the Material Design Lite Docs.

For some reason I never noticed the tab that said, Templates. I about cried.

I really didn't feel like getting into too much detail with the HTML and CSS 2 so this was a welcome addition to what I already had.

Essentially, there was a template called Text Heavy Website. Since my app is processing text mainly, I hit the jackpot.

There are still some things I need to add, like the sidebar that will hold the texts that the user stores on the database but most of the boilerplate is written.

Good guy Google!


  1. Actually working on it, you know.

  2. This is just boilerplate; I have a lot of HTML and CSS to write as I add more components.

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